FFYS'17 Shop




Pre-sale is for 3-day passes (and 1-day passes coming soon).
3-DAY PASS Presale: 75€ + presale tax

Only 3-day passes give access to the camping.

The hardcover tickets are only available for the complete Festival experience (with camping) at the price of 75€ (+ fee at some sales points). Like every year, you can get them from our volunteers as well as from the Luxembourgish bands that play this year's festival.

Also, you can buy them at the following locations:

LUXEMBOURG - Café Rocas - Place des Bains L-1313 Luxembourg
LUXEMBOURG - Café Konrad - 7, rue du Nord L-2229 Luxembourg
LUXEMBOURG - Café De Gudde Wëllen - 17, rue du Saint Esprit L-1475 Luxembourg
LUXEMBOURG / GARE- Funbringer Ticket Service - 12 - 14, rue de Strasbourg L-2560
LUXEMBOURG - Le Réservoir - 30, Grand-Rue (Galerie Neuberg) L-1660 Luxembourg
LUXEMBOURG - Olliewood - 19, rue des Capucins L-1313 Luxembourg
WILTZ - Prabbeli - 10,rue de la Montagne, Wiltz
POMMERLOCH - Pall Center - 2, Duerfstrooss L-9638 Pommerloch
HEIDERSCHEID - Pall Center - 4, Am Clemensbongert L-9158 Heiderscheid
DIEKIRCH - Café Baim Fränk - 5 Place de la Libération L-9255 Diekirch
ECHTERNACH - Aal Echternoach- 38, place du Marché L-6460 Echternach
MERSCH - Fabrik - 33 Rue de la Gare L-7535 Mersch
USELDANGE - Pall Center - 4, rue d’Everlange L-8707 Useldange
OBERPALLEN - Pall Center - 2, Arelerstrooss L-8552 Oberpallen
STRASSEN - Pall Center - 237 Route d'Arlon L-8010 Strassen
STEINSEL - Pall Center - 6, rue Paul Eyschen L-7317 Steinsel
ESCH-SUR-ALZETTE - Café Pitcher - 27 Grand-Rue L-4132 Esch-sur-Alzette
DUDELANGE - Café Why Not - 81 av. G-D Charlotte L-3441 Dudelange
DIFFERDANGE - Schräinerei 1535 - 115 Rue Emile Mark L-4620 Differdange


In case there are some places left, Single day tickets will soon be available via our ticket shop.