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Food For Your Senses
17, rue du St. Esprit
L-1475 Luxembourg

The Food For Your Senses A.S.B.L.


Food For Your Senses asbl is a non-profit association formed in 2009. Obviously, FFYS asbl’s primary objective is to organise the Food For Your Senses Festival. However, since 2012, the association has started to put on more cultural events throughout the year, including shows, micro festivals and workshops, often teaming up with other active associations and networks.

Roughly 30 people interact throughout the year to plan the festival. During the event itself, they are joined by roughly 100 wonderful volunteers.

Thank you to all the people that support and help us throughout the year.

The Food for your Senses TEAM

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Food For Your Senses TEAM

Braun Jeff, Stankovic Stevan, Heindrichs Luka, Wrobel Joscha, Adam Jeanne, Schock Tom, Gieres Steffi, Mathay Maggy, Waxweiler Sandrine, Kayser Guy, Braun Bob, Beck Bob, Einsweiler Tom, Fairon Jonas, Gieres Ben, Kremer Billy, Krier Pitter, Thommes Ben, Hoffmann Jaakes, Ernzen Steve, Kneip Guy, Meiers Annick, Schammel Lynn, Kaiser Jill, Velazquez Diego, Schouten Romy, Streff Tamara, Scholtes Pit, Schleimer Lynn, Bintener Lynn, Brosius Joscha, Scheer Marc, Thommes Dan, Hoffmann Metty, Majerus Georges, Huberty Bob, Meisch Flepp, Friedl Nick, Seil Ben, Schreiner Pit, Kremer Christophe, Weinquin Audrey, Weinquin Fanny, Besenius Corinne, Friedl Bob


Food For Four Senses CREW


Hard working Crew