FFYS Festival 2014 - Aftermovie
FFYS Festival 2014 - Aftermovie
Looking for a new Festival Site

FOOD FOR YOUR SENSES is in trouble and we need your help. We’re looking for a new site. Help us finding one by sharing the news. If you have ideas, please get in touch with info@ffys.lu. more info about the

Hardcover Tickets:

As usual, the hardcover tickets are available at multiple shops and bars throughout the country. Check out the list of the sales points here. Also, most of the Luxembourgish bands performing at the festival sell tickets, on which they get

Sonar Sessions:

Sometimes, it’s really hard to find out which bands are up and coming just outside our tiny little country. Therefore, we set up two shows in the Greater Region, one in Metz (F), and one in Trier (D), and invited

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